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Flourishing Ideas

Guide and Care Tips to Flowers:
Change water regularly
Every now and then, always change the water in your vase. For the flowers to remain fresh and prevent drying and wilting, it is important to keep a good amount of water. Changing water frequently prevents a horrific, rotting smell from developing.

Clean and healthy water

For this tip you could add a little sugar to your flower vase. This helps nourish the flowers and improves bloom opening. You could also add a small amount of vinegar or lemon, and mix well. This helps inhibit bacterial and viral growth and keeps your flowers fresher for a longer period of time.

Remove lower leaves

Remove the leaves of your cut flowers so that there won’t be any touching the water. In any case, if leaves have been dried, remove them as soon as you notice them, before placing the flowers back into the vase. This will help the fresh stems absorb the water more easily and better.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Avoid cutting the stems with a dull object, as this can damage the tissues and prevent the flowers from absorbing water. Also, when the bottom end of the stem is to be cut, take an inch or 2 off at an angle while holding the stem under water.

Keep in Good Temperature

Cut flowers are opposite to potted plants in the sense of liking the sun. Your flowers will last longer in a cooler area. Do not place your flowers in areas close to windows, or close to any electrical appliances. It can cause your flowers to become directly dehydrated.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Flowers are also sensitive of pollutions like cigarette smokes and poisonous materials, so keep your flowers away from radiations and toxics. A filthy environment destroys the flowers so you need let them have fresh and clean air.
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